Upravit stránku

Lifting desk is used by people whom the seat in the car (such as MPV, SUV) is much higher than the wheelchair seat or they cannot get in the car seat as well as non wheelchair user. This adjustment can be used even if the user needs to help stand up of the seat, it means to lift up from the seat height above. Lift desk is electrically operated and the desk is folded up for easy handling and in case of a non handicapped driver getting in the car.


  • Multi-purpose mechanism that can be used in more applications: lifting swing over desk, sit-to-stand aid (myopat).
  • Depending on the purpose we manufacture the end part which we are able to prepare as needed, or you can finalize yourself.
  • The mechanism is attached to the central body column.
  • Very small installation dimensions, particularly small thickness.
  • We can prepare stroke length of the device as needed.
  • We are able to adapt your specific requirements or the specifics of your market.

Assembly is possible only by trained companies or companies with similar assembly experience. We would like to find new representatives in all countries of the world where we do not have representatives yet. If you are interested to cooperate, please let us know.


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