Upravit stránku
  1. Individual adjustment with a view to customer´s handicap.
  2. Almost all products are made in our manufacture with our development.
  3. Personal negotiations in almost familiar firm relationship.
  4. Technicians with years of experience.
  5. Professionally equipped workroom.
  6. Products in the best quality, unique design and perfect aesthetic implementation.
  7. We invest in development of our products all the time.
  8. Customers and special school of motoring teachers participate in development with their reminders and new requirements.
  9. Our adjustments are certificated and we can write them in the Vehicle Registration Document.
  10. Owner of this company is more than 50 years on the wheelchair himself, which is a guarantee of professional and skilled approach with knowledge of needs for disabled customers.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our adjustments are made by technicians with long experience thinking out individual customer requirements. Guarantee service quality is also our professionally equipped workshop. Only professional workplace may produce the highest quality products with unique design and perfect aesthetic design. With the values above-mentioned it closely relates to the time required for assembly – there cannot be rush for quality product, especially if it is individually adapted to the client. We therefore require the participation of the customer, so that the result was a double satisfaction.