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Ring push accelerator

Škoda Superb III

Electronic section

  • Electronic section of rings uses new technical solutions.
  • Common electronics HURT EU for accelerator and brake.  You can use the electronics for separate electronic clutch, separate electronic accelerator, electronic clutch and accelerator at the same time.
  • If only electronic accelerator is required we can supply smaller electronicswithout components required to clutch.
  • Electronics is able to control accelerator both in newer vehicles with electronic accelerator in the car and in older vehicles with mechanicalthrottle.
  • Several options how to switch off the accelerator - with switch (only one driver works, or both simultaneously), without switch - selected after the engine is started – accelerator control is selected after the engine starts. This one works, the other one is switched off.
  • Choice of double accelerator control - using both ring and lever MERO2 or MERO 3.
  • The device is tested by authorized TÜV laboratory.

Mechanical section

  • All parts are manufactured by our company and they are always in stock.
  • We have a universal ring attachment. Ring mechanism can be mounteddirectly on the steering wheel rim.
  • We are able to manufacture the mechanism for you individually - e.g. a lever for the finger, motorcycle handle etc.
  • The ring can be made of plastic or covered by leather.

Watch the video how to drive with our push ring

Ring accelerator - lateral move

It’s our unique design of the electronic accelerator. The accelerator is being controlled with a ring on the steering wheel by lateral move. This acceleratro can be mounted to all types of cars. This ring accelerator is possible to assemble even below the steering wheel, which can be more suited to some users.


    • lateral move
    • 30 mm move
    • two diameter sizes - 250 and 300 mm
    • possibility to assemble it below the steering wheel
    • brake on the left or on the right side or like a MERO 3 lever
    • no steering wheel intervention

    Watch the video how to drive with our lateral ring

    Our design of rings


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