Adapter on the shift lever

If you need to make a lot of effort and finger accuracy to press the safety button on the shift lever, you need an adapter on the shift lever. Simply push your hand into the extension lever with your right hand and you can choose a driving mode by moving your entire hand forward or backward.

We can also send the adapter on the shift lever to your address

We have several attachments for some specific type of cars, or we have to prepare the attachment on exact car if available. Please contact us to send the device.

Handbrake attachment

You lift the handbrake by hooking the whole arm below the hook and pulling it up. Release the brake by pushing the hook from the front. It is clearly illustrated on the video.

We can also send the handbrake attachment to your address

Installation is easy. We have universal attachment. Please contact us to send the device.

Look at the videos how to use the attachment

Photogallery of various attachments



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