The tripod on the steering wheel will help drivers who have hand handicap with worse hand grip.

Benefits of our device

Smooth adjustment of each spike in grooves.

The tripod is quick released of the collar.

You can be sure that our steering wheel tripod is of high quality design. We manufacture it at our workshop. Components are made of solid materials and rotation is secured by two bearings, so the attachment will never jam and the safety of the product for the user is guaranteed. The tripod is not certified because its natural shape with spikes ahead driver does not meet the safety requirements.

We can also send the tripod on the steering wheel to your address

Installation is easy. Using two screws you clamp the collar to the steering wheel rim.

Please contact us to send the steering wheel tripod.

If the steering wheel tripod is insufficient, you can use one of our steering wheel extenders, which have the same collar.



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