Upravit stránku

Our unique electronic clutch adapter replaces controlling the clutch pedal by foot. The clutch pedal is actuated by an electric motor controlled by the electronics which based on various data such as accelerator pedal position, vehicle speed and engine speed, evaluates correct starting. The equipment is tested and approved by an authorized laboratory of the Ministry of Transportation. We will of course teach you how to drive with our clutch.

Our unique technical solutions

  • Universal device suitable for all vehicles with manual transmission.
  • Intelligent sliding of the clutch when decelerating or stopping the car according to the speed of the car.    
  • One of three programs on the electronics control module can be selected for starting up according to the current driving conditions.    
  • To change gear, press the button on the shift lever to select a suitable gear.    
  • Of course, the system can be switched off and the foot clutch can be operated normally.
 Our electronic clutch is an authorized laboratory tested device by TÜV and approved by the Ministry of Transport.


Look how to control our electronic clutch


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