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Bridging the indicators lever on the right side is most often used when the driver uses one of the extensions to turn the steering wheel and the hand lever is on the right. When turning, the driver can safely check the steering wheel position with his left hand and the turn signal switches with his right hand by sliding the lever up or down. In most cars you can also switch high beam by moving the lever to and away from you.

If the right hand is handicapped, the wiper lever may be bridged in the same way to the left.

We can also send the indicators attachment to your address

Installation is easy. We have several universal attachments, or we can prepare the collar on exact car if possible. Please contact us to send the device.

The device costs 150 EUR without shipping. If you are interested, please let us know which car you have and we will send you what dimensions we need from you to measure.

Other photos of bridging the levers



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