Upravit stránku

Transfer plate fills up a gap between the wheelchair and the car seat and makes boarding much more comfortable. We produce the plate in two basic sizes or its size can be chosen as required. Transfer plate is anchored to B-door column so it maintains a stable position when mooving. It fits into the space between the door column and the seat so it does not occupy the space in the interior of the car and does not interfere with the entry of the pedestrian driver.It can be installed in both the driver's and the co-driver's seat.

We can send a universal assembly kit to installers.

Charakteristics of the transfer plate

  • Simple aid making boarding easier.
  • The desk keeps its position during moving inside the car .
  • Folded plate does not interfere when boarding other drivers.
  • Excellent aid aid in combination with sliding door to facilitate loading of the wheelchair into the second row of seats.
  • You can have the surface of the board in a leatherette finish or with a softer surface. A slippery plastic is best suited for smooth movement.

Choose the size of the plate yourself

Look at the two basic dimensions of the transfer plates. The smaller plate is the most commonly used by paraplegics, who can at least partly lift up with their hands. Alternatively, we can make the board made to measure.

Smaller plate
Larger plate

Transfer plate for quadriplegics

Quadriplegics who need to move along the entire length of the plate can use a plate that leans on the wheelchair seat. We make this plate to measure based on the measurement of a particular client and car.

Look at the video how to use our plate

Usage of Transfer Plate



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