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MERO 3 system is a brake and accelerator hand control suitable mainly for cars equipped with automatic gearbox. For vehicles with manual gearbox will add an electronic clutch. MERO 3 is a completely reliable certified device by TÜV and approved by Ministry of Transport. You can be sure that the system installed in your car is a really reliable hand control. Implementation of MERO 3 lever installed in various vehicles you can see in the gallery.

Principle of the device

The function of brake and accelerator pedal is converted by this device into a lever located next to the center console of the car on driver's side. We recommend MERO 3 when driver needs to maintain the possibility of adjusting the steering wheel or needs extra space under the steering wheel. MERO 3 lever has very small size, especially its thickness is unrivalled small compared to devices from other manufacturers. The lever therefore takes up very little space. The device is also suitable for users with partial upper extremities disabilities. It is because you do not lift arm when controlling the lever as much as in standard lever systems located under the steering wheel.

Simplicity of using MERO 3 will surprise you. You can choose from several types of handles and throttle controls - mechanical, electronic, or turning of the throttle handle. Write us to get a free quote now!


Technical specifications and advantages of MERO 3

  • Certified device, suitable mainly for cars with automatic gearbox.
  • For vehicles with manual gearbox we will add an electronic clutch
  • As a novelty you can choose from two lever shapes - flat and slightly curved.
  • You can choose from several types of handles.
  • Our newly developed device offers the possibility to control the accelerator lever by pulling or turning.
  • All types of accelerator can be equipped with electronic accelerator that is a fine run with a small control force.
  • Thanks to compact size of the whole device this system takes up very little space.
  • Your steering wheel adjustment will be preserved.
  • The vehicle can still be operated in the normal way using the pedals without having to deactivate the system. The lever does not move when using the pedals.

Curved lever and transverse handle
Standard lever MERO 3 with cross handle
Curved lever and classical with arrest button on the top
Flattened handle with brake lock button from above
Curved lever with individual handle and electronic accelerator

Lever with individual handle

Curved handle with turning handle

Lever with turning accelerator handle

Color variations of lever. Do you want to be different?

For a better look, we have prepared a collection of color variants of the leather, which can be coated with the plastic cover of the lever and the handle. The leather is of very good quality, pleasant to touch. Alternatively, alcantara can be used - a suede, brushed skin effect. You can choose a different thread color as opposed to the leather color. Luxurious cars can be supplied with original interior leather.

MERO 3 - brown leather, Škoda Superb III
Genuine VW brown leather in Škoda Superb with brown interior.
MERO 3 - alcantara + red thread, AUDI RS Q3
MERO 3 - alcantara + red thread, AUDI RS Q3
Sampler of basic colours that we have usually in stock
Sampler of basic colours that we have usually in stock
Sampler of colored threads. Usually, the same thread color is chosen as the color of the leather.
Sampler of colored threads. Usually, the same thread color is chosen as the color of the leather.

Look at the details of MERO 3


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