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The lifting plate is used people whose car seat (e. g. MPV, SUV) is significantly higher than the wheelchair seat, or cannot move on the seat. The lifting mechanism can also be used when the user needs to get out of the seat or lift from the seat above. The lift of the plate is electrically operated and the plate can be slid out or lowered for easy handling and in the case of a driver entering the car who does not need it.

Technical Specifications and Benefits of our Electrical Transfer Plate

  • Multipurpose mechanism that can be used for multiple applications: lifting transfer plate, sit-to-stand aid (myopat).
  • Load capacity up to 120 kg.
  • The lifting mechanism attaches to the central pillar of the body, so it does not occupy space for the crew.
  • We produce the shape of the board in several verified basic dimensions or we can make a special shape to order.
  • The board can be optionally upholstered with a softened surface.
  • Very small installation dimensions, especially small thickness of the lifting mechanism.
  • Immediately in stock we have two basic strokes - 25 cm and 42 cm. A different stroke is available on request.
  • The control button can be placed in a convenient location. On request, you can also use a wired controller or remote control.

Device principle

To get started, move the plate to the level of the wheelchair and move in it in the appropriate way. With one hand, you control the stroke with the push-button usually on the front of the plastic, making you partly secure and the other hand is free to maintain the necessary stability when lifting. After moving to the car seat, simply remove the board by tipping it up and pulling it out of the mechanism. To get out of the car perform the opposite way.

 Assembly is possible only by trained companies or companies with similar assembly experience. We would like to find new representatives in all countries of the world where we do not have representatives yet. If you are interested to cooperate, please let us know.

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