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If you mostly use an electrical wheelchair, if you have difficulties with boarding and you need to transport your chair and other load, then the best solution is to adjust a wagon. You get to the car due to electro-hydraulic lift after opening the back door with remote control. There is no physical effort necessary and you are inside the wagon. There you will move to the seat with all electrically controlled positions: forward-reward, up-down, turning right-left. You can set the seat towards your wheelchair and you´ll move at it. Then you will set the seat for your natural drive position. The hand control which suits you the best is ready to use and you can drive.


  • Even a wheelchair bound is able to be independent.
  • Electro-hydraulic lift can be through (the floor in upper position is outspreaded, so walking people can come in through) or with solid floor.
  • The lift is easy operated with button control.
  • Six-position electronic system of the seat.
  • We preserve an original car seat.
  • Choose your hand control which suits you the best.
  • We recommend a car with automatic transmission.

Look at the function of remote control of back door opener and lift on the video

Other specifications


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