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For customers

  • Assembly of hand control is possible in our workshop in Týnec nad Labem, in car showroom or at the customer.
  • Most common is the assembly in our workshop in Týnec nad Labem because there are best conditions for work and we can better suit customer´s needs especially if it is about a non frequent type of vehicle or the customer requires individual adjustments.
  • Depending on the situation we can offer transport of the vehicle in our workshop, but it is better if we can speak with a customer before the final installation of manual controls or other devices directly in the workshop where are simulators available to test various types of hand control.
  • We are able to offer our rental car equipped with many adjustments.
  • In our workshop you have an opportunity to watch photo documentation, you can see samples of various options to facilitate driving, the opportunity to try out the seat, etc.

For dealers

  • We have prepared universal sets for our main products.
  • We have sets prepared to particular type of car in many types of hand controls and other adjustments.
  • We are able to prepare the product to enable the assembly as easy as possible in specific case.
  • It is always necessary to make a good agreement to meet your deadline.


  • We provide a two-year quarantee for our products. We adjust and provide service of hand controls in our workshop free of charge for the whole time of usage.
  • The warranty period of the other companies' products is the same as provided by the companies.