The multifunction controllers are used for more comfortable control of the basic safety or comfort functions of the vehicle. The multifunctional controller works in parallel with the standard drivers.

You can operate by controllers: indicators, wipers, washers, high beam, horn, and optional cruise control. Various combinations are available for different cars and equipment.

Usually a knob on the steering wheel is used with various keypad arranged. A touch display with touch-sensitive functions can also be used.

Consider your choice well

We advise to consider whether a simpler solution in the form of mechanical lever bridges in combination with the basic extenders in your case are enough.

We offer multifunctional controllers of several producers

Always consult with us beforehand about the feasibility of your intention to consult the possibility of linking electrical elements directly with the manufacturer. Connection can be done in parallel via relays, or in modern vehicles with can-buses via the gateway, where all the information is digitally transmitted over one wire.

Please contact us for price inquiries and feasibility.

We recommend this ergonomic controller VAC12

  • Various functions can be interchanged on different buttons.
  • The tripod is quick released of the collar.

Check out the video on how the driver works

Drivers manufactured by Lodgesons

Photogallery of other controllers of different manufacturers


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