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Sliding door for a normal car allowes more independence to wheelchair users. Rolled-out back door reveales large space to user sitting on the front seat that can also be rotating. To facilitate the chair loading it can also be used our swing over desk. Sitting person sits more out of the car and have a larger overview of the area for loading the wheelchair. Arm of sliding door occupies minimal space in the interior. It is also advisable to use a simply electrically operated winch for loading the wheelchair.

Sliding door - Škoda Octavia III

Watch the electrical sliding door

Sliding Door in Combination with a Winch for Loading the Wheelchair

Sliding door in combination with a winch for loading the wheelchair - Škoda Roomster
Sitting driver hooks the hook for a folded wheelchair and pulls the chair to the car. The rope is driven by an electric motor controlled by buttons on the controller.

Watch the sliding door with a winch for a wheelchair

Sliding door utilization


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